Code 25 Bluetooth to Moto G Force Droid




!!! Ok, my bad. Figured it out. Had to put the amp in pairing more (Rev & Power) - then all is well. Sorry. !!!

(Feel dumb, bt I'll leave this in case someone else has similar issue.)

I had the amp successfully paird with a prior phone (Moto Droid as well - 2 yrs old?) Got a new phone - described above - Android v7. Not able to pair. Have uninstalled the Gateway app, (that got in the way last time, until the phone & amp were paired, then an install / connect went fine). This time... I get a cryptic, possibly IP6 number that looks like a device address. No code to enter, or anything to do. Phone says "Pairing..." waits maybe 10 seconds, then returns with "Pairing..." gone - no message, no nothing. Tried many many times. Cannot "forget the device" - phone doesn't offer a lot of choices: pair or disable Bluetooth is all...


Will the Code work with this phone? IS there a trick I hope I don't know? I sort of like the app - although I often use the knobs - it's just easier... So... I'm not going to hate you forever, but have to join the folks that are dissappointed with this. Amps are marvelous, but this software isn't measuring up I'm afraid.


Anyway, any help much appreciated!



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Steve Noyes (3)

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Steve Noyes (3)
agree very shoddy app. just slapped together with no care for the customer - Chris Davies 28 Nov 2017 at 08:18 PM
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