Want to buy Stanmore but troubled by negative reviews !



I am a great fan of Stanmore. Just Love the sound ( balanced for all kinds of music and the best when compared to speakers of this kind) but I have seen lots of negative reviews of Stanmore not working after a year or so and week bluetooth on Amazon and Apple users.

I want to buy this system but troubled with bad reviews. Have you identified the issue and how do Marshall resolve it on speakers dying down after the warranty expires.

I am in Bangalore, India and would want the system to work at least 4 years to be a value for money.


Deepak Raj



asked 02 Apr 2017 at 07:53 AM

Deepak Raj
I have a Woburn and have very few problems with it. I heard about problems with turning it on and off so I just leave it on with energy saving mode enabled. that way it goes into standby after a while if not in use. I did this just in case because switching power on and off probably strains some capacitors and I didn't want to risk it.

As for bluetooth. It works fine BUT if you have a lot of bluetooth devices audio devices paired then you may have conflicts as some devices try and fight for exclusive access to your phone. The other thing with bluetooth is that the signal is weaker than a wired connection so you will need a good audio app for your player, one that has a good equalizer preferably with a preamp volume/level option. On my android device I use Poweramp which works very well and can match the signal. Wired is higher definition than bluetooth if your outputting audio from a high end soundcard.

I ended up using a optical connection to my Woburn from my computer and a remote app for either Foobar2000 or MusicBee. Woburn sounds phenomenal. I ended using it exclusively for all audio in my study and to monitor my audio interface when playing guitar.

- Adrian Tysoe 04 Apr 2017 at 12:10 AM
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