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Hello, just purchased this amp, play almost everyday and love it. When I first got it (playing for hours) I noticed there was a crackling/scratchy... almost like a loose connection sound from the amp, I played around with the cord and it didnt happen again until tonight, about 2 months later. This time it didnt just go away so here are my observations:

I was on full power, maybe 2 on volum, on the clean channle with gain. It seemed fine on e, B, G but on D is where it happened, didnt matter what fret and it seemed to do it on the A and E as well but not as much, I switched channels it did the same, I went into standby and switched cables, same thing, I plugged the guitar in another amp and the issue did not happen, I plugged the guitar back in to the marshal, the crackle was still there. I turned the amp off, put it in half power, turned it back on and no crackle. I turned the amp off, did a few things around the house. came back, put the amp back to 40W, turn it on and it is fine.

Thinking it happens if it gets warm? I have never had a tube amp... so im not sure what signs to look for with regards to a tube going bad... I'm not sure if originally leaving it at 40W and restarting it if it would have been fine. I will try and recreate and see what happens. Any thoughts?



The foot switch made no difference. I'll move it to another room tonight. I have included a recording if anyone wants to hear it. In the recording you here the noise, I hit the B string 3rd fret... and it goes away, i then hit the D string 12 fret and you hear it come back.




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Mike Movchan

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Mike Movchan
Does it happen in other rooms? Also does it disappear if you turn down the volume or alter the tone settings? - Reginald Colin Eaton 13 Apr 2017 at 01:06 PM
I'll give it a shot. I did re-create the issue, no matter what i did, the only thing that resolved it was putting in standby, shutting down, and turning it back on. doesn't matter what channel. Also I moved the amp around just in case there was some kind of interference... but just to be sure I'll change rooms and thus power outlets. I want it to happen once more so I can try removing my foot switch, just in case. It seems to me when I was moving the amp around the cable for the foot switch was moving and the static would change. I'll update as events unfold - Mike Movchan 14 Apr 2017 at 12:07 AM
FYI to answer the second part of your question... no the volume, tone, reverb, tone shift, leads, crunch etc... made no difference. - Mike Movchan 14 Apr 2017 at 12:08 AM
Also wanted to add, once I restart it once, it as of now has not repeated, unless I turn it off and come back after if fully cools... so it seems. - Mike Movchan 15 Apr 2017 at 01:17 AM
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