Anyone facing CODE USB connection issues?


I just want to check with fellow CODE users if they are facing the same issues that I am dealing with.

Biggest (and most annoying) issue is, it's a matter of luck connecting the CODE through USB. 2 times out of 10 my pc recognizes the amp the first time I plug it in. Mostly it gives an error that device is not connected properly or not recognized by windows. So I end up unplugging and plugging again until (if ever) it's been recognized. (Using windows 8.1 btw) Then suddenly in the middle of a recording session my DAW starts to drag like if I am running on a PC Pentium 600.  (It's running on a 3000$ alienware) This is a sign that somehow CODE get disconnected itself.  Now you have only option left: Restart the PC and start all over again.

 So far I have checked with different USB cables, and I am using the shortest ones as possible as I can. (less than 80 cm.) I can't check with another pc since I don't have another one, but I am running Yamaha THR-10 smoothly, without any problems at all!

So I don't believe that there's an issue with my pc. And speaking of THR, why the hell CODE doesn't have it's dedicated USB drivers. I am kind of sure that the issue I am facing is all about the ASIO drivers that we are left with as an only option.

 Second issue is, maybe only 1 out of 20 times I am able to get any presets from web site. Even if it looks like CODE is connected in the Device Manager, and the Chrome (or Opera) says MIDI is connected, I can't send any presets to the amp. After a few tries, this ends up with web browsers got frozen and only option is again: restart your pc!

I really would like to hear from people who are facing similar issues and how they could get over with it. (if they ever could)

And hopefully the only answer I receive from Marshall team is not going to be: "Thanks for your feedback, we will pass this to our technical team"


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Gurhan Ozkaya (1)

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Gurhan Ozkaya (1)
I had the same connectivity problem in cubase. Before I got the code amp I was using steinberg asio drivers but this would not allow a seperate input for the code amp. Code asio driver is useless. I resolved by using asio4all which is a free download. The only drawback is increased latency but does not seem to cause problems on my system. - Glyn Bycroft 07 Jun 2017 at 02:57 PM
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Try using a computer / Laptop with Windows 7 and Opera as the browser. Worked for me. I was facing the same problem earlier.

answered 16 Apr 2019 at 03:47 PM

Channa Horombuwa
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