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Dear Marshall Team,

First of all, thanks for this awesome amp. I got almost everything I want from an amp except this.

When setting up my rig, I usually put a compressor in first position in the chain and then distortion, wah, eq, etc.

This amp has all those stomp box effects loaded, but unfortunately, they can not be operated simulataneously. I can only choose one at atime.

And I end up with putting my boss CS-3 in my setup with this amp and fit perfectly, but I dont like  all those cables for signal and power adapter.

My question is, what was the concept when Marshall built this stomp boxes and limit the possibility of playing them simultaneously? Is that hardware limitation? Too much latency or... ?

Is there any possibility to modify the chain to allow simultan ops in the gateway? Or at least the Compressor?

If it can... then I can get rid of that CS3 and performing will become as easy as bringing CODE, footswitch and guitar, which I am sure that it was the concept from Marshall.

Please laaah...




asked 10 Jul 2017 at 12:17 AM

Javen Roth (13)
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Hi Javen,

We can understand your frustration but you can't operate all functions simultaniosly due to the limitations of the DSP. At present we are not looking into modifying this aspect of the CODE.

Team Marshall

answered 14 Jul 2017 at 10:42 AM

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