Code 25 Bluetooth not being detected by Iphone 6s


I bought this amp a few weks ago and all was well with connecting to my Iphone 6s, both on the main bluetooth of the phone and the gateway app. 

Then a few weeks later I tried to connect my phone and since then I only recieve the message: 'Connection Unsuccessful, make sure "CODE..." is turned on and in range'. I continue to get this message despite the amp being turned on and in range. 

In addition, the amp can be connected to on other devices such as my friedns iphone and my pc.

So far I have followed the proceedures suggested of the correct sequencing, but this problem seems to be more deep rooted. 

Please help!

asked 16 Aug 2017 at 09:29 PM

George Williams
I also had issues, I could pair with the Code but could not get the Gateway app to recognise the pairing. However I have since worked out the the Gateway app is only requesting the first pairing, expecting that to be the Code, but many phones will store pairings in the order they were made. So it's worth clearing/unpairing all historic pairings from your phone, then try the standard first connection approach.

1. Turn off the Code
2. Unpair all previous devices
2. Turn off Bluetooth, let it properly shut down
3. Turn on Bluetooth
4. Reinstall the Gateway app
5. Turn on the Code
6. Press 'Rev' and 'Power' on the Code to enable pairing mode
7. Scan from your phone to detec the Code, then pair
8. Once paired, open the Gateway app

This should allow you to connect to the Code.

If you don't see the Code and Phone icon in the bottom left corner on the opening screen, you can press that area any way, you should see the icons and get message to 'Tap to Sync', but chances are it hasn't recognised the Code.

But I still cannot connect to the Code if I have previous pairings stored on my phone, I know this works with Android but worth trying with the iPhone too.

Hope it helps

- Jools Turrall 16 Aug 2017 at 10:20 PM
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Sorry just realised I added my answer as a comment... doh! Anyway hope it helps.



answered 17 Aug 2017 at 10:42 PM

Jools Turrall (2)
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