Is Marshall going to support the Code amps?


Although the amp is ok, there are some software/firmware issues. I know Marshall will come back and ask me to be specific, however just look at the forum. I was an early adopter and there hasn't been a application update (last update to app was February 22nd 2017) or firmware update for quite sometime. The problems that everyone have mentioned still exist. 

I feel like we are about to be abandoned?

Let us know if development is still happening or if we should get out now! 

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Mike Bull (20)

asked 26 Aug 2017 at 02:30 PM

Mike Bull (20)
If they fix the noise floor issues with the CODE series, these will be absolutely killer amps. Like you, I'm waiting for the silver bullet or two in the form of a firmware update. Can't believe Marshall would risk their reputation by abandoning us. - Peter McAteer 01 Sep 2017 at 01:00 AM
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Hello Mike,

We are currently working on a firmware update with the aim to release as soon as possible. We are sorry you do not feel you are receiving support with current issues. If there is something specific you need us to look at then please do email our helpdesk on 

We are aware that there are still outstanding issues to be resolved and we are waiting on feedback from our app developers and tech teams in order to help customers the best we can.

Team Marshall

answered 29 Aug 2017 at 08:39 AM

I just received my 100H. Still waiting for the 412 cab, but it sounds great through a 2x12 combo I already have. App and settings are functioning perfectly. Clearly this is a great sounding and versatile amp. I am impressed by the quality and value of the current product niw that it has finally been released. It seems you have many of the earlier issues resolved. Well done! - Mark Hallman 01 Oct 2017 at 01:24 AM


I would also humbly add that a revist to some of the tonality of the built in patches would be much appreciated.  That is really one of the biggest complaints that I and most anyone that touches the CODE series have is the muddy tones.  

answered 03 Oct 2017 at 04:20 AM

Gary Wright
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