How Do I transfer User presets I put in my library to the gateway app


I found several presets on MYMARSHALL for Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and some others while browsing on my PC.  I added them to "my library" and then opened the MARSHALL GATEWAY app, logged in and hit SYNC NOW.  But the 9 presets I selected do not sync with my iphone.  What am I doing wrong, or is what I am trying to do not possible?  Thanks.

asked 30 Aug 2017 at 03:28 PM

Robert Mallek (3)
Similar problem - On the iPad, I am adding presets to my library, moving them into Gateway, selecting them... There's no syncing, and CODE takes no notice - the panel continues to display the factory preset and play the factory preset. Help would be appreciated. Especially as the tutorial video says syncing is automatic, thanks - Mike Rickard 17 Oct 2017 at 09:38 PM
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Switch to the online library by clicking icon in left low corner of the app or store these presets into the amp on site

answered 31 Aug 2017 at 03:32 AM

Denis Moysienko (85)
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