Origin 20c with Jack issue connected to Origin 212


I have an Origin 20c Amplifier that I purchased new last year. It must have been old stock because it appears the manufacture date was 2018. I believe this unit has the faulty Jack wiring since the labels for the external speakers do not match the owners manual (2 8ohm jacks, without the line indicating 16ohm for both). My question is, will this unit work with a single Origin 212 cabinet, assuming I unplug the internal speaker, or do I need to get it repaired. If it will work, which of the speaker jack should I use, the one in the middle or the one furthest from the 16 ohm Jack

asked 20 Mar 2021 at 01:30 AM

John Bernick
Never mind, I found a local authorized repair shop and he is ordering the modification kit from Marshall. He’ll fix it under warranty. - John Bernick 24 Mar 2021 at 10:33 PM
Hi, I found a link that might help you.
I copied what was on there but not sure if you need to modify or it is just screw up on labeling the ports properly.
Port 1 should be 16, 2=8 and 2-3 16.

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The simple and quick answer is NO.
Mixing cabinet ohms is typically not recommended.
Either one in the appropriate jack is ok.

If you have the "jack fix" your amp should look like my Origin 20.
You can put 1 ~ 16 ohm in jack 1, 1~ 8 ohm in jack 2, or 2~ 16 ohm in jacks 2 & 3.
- Pierre Robinson 30 Sep 2021 at 01:11 PM
I was able to get the modification from an authorized repair place under warranty, so I am all set. The guy ordered the kit, which amounted to a 1.5” wire and a sticker and did it while I waited, it was done in about 30 min. Thanks for the reply. - John Bernick 30 Sep 2021 at 01:30 PM
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answered 30 Sep 2021 at 01:12 PM

Pierre Robinson
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