New DSL40CR (current date is 3/22/2021)


Ok.  A couple questions I'm sure can be answered here.

I just bought the DSL40CR less than a week ago.  It's awesome for something smaller.  Great at home amp.

However, the first clean channel is very low on volume, while if i switch to the other clean its 3 times as loud or more.  Is something wrong here?  One clean channel  can be cranked to max volume which would be the equivalent of the other clean channel at maybe a 2.

Second question, I'm hearing a lot of talk of people swapping out the speakers in these amps.  Is this always recommended?

Third question, I desire more reverb.  Is getting a pedal the answer, or another Marshall amp altogether?  Would a JVM be any better in the reverb category?

Fourth question, would getting different tubes change any of the previous concerns?  Would getting different tubes make the amp better?

Im new to valve amps, and I'm struggling to answer all these questions.





asked 22 Mar 2021 at 11:55 PM

Robert Kortekamp
i am using DSLR and i think its good ? ? - Carolyn Pierce 25 Mar 2021 at 08:50 AM
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I have the DSL40C, which is slightly before yours (even less reverb, if I understand correctly, but the same circuit).


The clean channel is very, very clean.  You'll need to crank the gain to get to similar volume levels on the crunch setting.  Many people, myself included, get a clean tone by running the amp on crunch all the time and putting the gain between 9-11 o'clock.  Be forewarned, running clean this way will add a lot of treble to your tone.  If you desire more lows, run the completely clean channel with the gain almost maxed.  


As far as speakers go, the Celestion 70/80 has a large bump in the ultra highs, meaning that your tone can get rather shrill if you run cleans in the manner I described above.  I am currently running an eminence legend V1216 in mine.  

Finally, yes, if you desire more reverb, run a pedal through the effects loop.

answered 21 May 2021 at 05:37 AM

Blake Hatton
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