worth it to upgrade firmware?


Hello, . . . im new to guitar and this is the first amp i have bought with my own money.

I have a 100h that says version 1.11 when i turn it on. I am happy with the sound for the most part but wish there were some improvemnts to the software   

Due to marshalls apparent lack of interest in the software, and peoples stories on here of updates making their amp worse, I am afraid of "bricking" my amp if i try to upgrade the firmware so wondering if anyone really noticed much of an improvement from updating the firmware, and if it was even worth it?

My two biggest software issues are:

1.when i connect my phone the amp automatically reverts to the first phone presets so if i am in the middle of playing with a certain preset and my phone decides to dissconnect and reconnect it will change the preset, or if I walk out of the room  . .. ... .which is  really, f8king, annoying.

2.the mute lag when switching between presets,  . . . . seems pretty useless and lame to play live if there is a big silent gap between switching tones

Can anyone confirm if the firmware update fixes either of these? Thx!!!!

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Kevin sukh

asked 26 Mar 2021 at 07:03 PM

Kevin sukh
Hi Kevin , For the code footswitch issue go to u-tube and look for Matt Jackson. he has a video explaining how to get around the lag. it is called" Marshall code footswitch review" . Hope it helps you my friend - Mark Torres 30 Mar 2021 at 10:58 PM
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Well for the first point, when you first connect the phone it still jumps to preset 0. However I never have had  the phone bluetooth disconnect and reconnect randomly, and the range of bluetooth seems pretty far and pretty solid. I can stream audio and change presets from my garden with no problem.

Ive no idea on the 2nd point, how do you change patches live, do you use a Code pedal? Maybe someone else can help with that.

answered 26 Mar 2021 at 11:17 PM

Joliet Jake (13)
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