How do I get GarageBand on iPad to output to the iPad speakers when monitoring is turned on with CODE amp plugged in to iPad via USB?


I recently picked up a CODE 100 amp and plugged it into my macbook to try to record using GarageBand. The program recognised the amp so I set both input and output to CODE and was not getting any sound, not even the metronome. Eventually after thinking about it I realized that output was set to CODE so I turned up my master volume (had it all the way down because I wanted to hear the laptop not the amp), and all of the sound including the metronome were coming through the amp speakers. Then I figured out that I could get audio out of the laptop by changing the output to Built in output. Now I am having the same issue on the iPad and can't figure it out. I have a Camera adapter that allows me to plug USB into the iPad. When I connect it, the iPad recognizes it and asks if I want to turn monitoring on, I do. All of the sound, previously recorded tracks, metronome all of it come through the amp speakers. I want the monitoring to output to the iPad speakers, but I cannot find the setting to accomplish such a thing. Any Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

asked 24 Jun 2021 at 04:04 PM

Ryan Salge
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