Info, Hx, Specs on used 1x18 inch Marshall Bass Cab?


Hello, I recently ordered a used JCM800 Model 1580 Bass Cabinet.  The seller's photos show it with one 18 inch Celestion G18Q-400 speaker.  I've learned that they were made in the 1980s-90s, and came in mutliple speaker configurations. Mine is the 1x18.  I'm assuming the cab originally came with the G18Q-400?

Would really love to know:

1. the performance specs of the G18Q speaker ( didn't have any info)

2. whether the round port cut in the baffle of the cab is original. 

See picture below.  Thanks!

asked 22 Aug 2021 at 07:31 PM

Answers: 2


Hello Christopher,


Regarding your 1580, the port in the top corner is original to the cabinet, due to the age of the cabinet we do not have any information on the speaker.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 26 Aug 2021 at 12:53 PM



Thanks for sharing.

answered 21 Jun 2022 at 02:57 AM

Halcyon Kiera
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