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I have a CODE50 (1 week).

After editting a preset, I click and hold the exit/store button to save the changes I made. The changes are stored but the CODE then "freeze".. no sound, no change possible. After switch off/on, everything is back to normal. The preset is updated.

Same thing is happening when I store the preset in the footcontroller.

Is that "normal"? Am I doing something wrong? I presume that I'm not supposed to do a switch on/off everytime that I want to store a present change...

Thanks in advance. ? ? ?

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Bernard Huber

asked 23 Oct 2021 at 02:33 PM

Bernard Huber
Have you updated the Firmware ? Install Firmware update and then try again. If it still freezes the it sounds like the amp could be faulty and contact your supplier. You will need Google Chrome as your browser as Edge does not support MIDI for some reason. Hope this helps. - david blagdon 23 Oct 2021 at 02:46 PM
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No it's not normal. Holding the STORE button should save the current settings and the amp should continue to work as normal. I would suggest getting in touch with where you bought it. What version firmware is in the amp? (should see it at switch on).

answered 24 Oct 2021 at 11:29 PM

Joliet Jake (100)


It's  the same for me, I brought it to the assistance point but they don't know any solution, I bought the ampli 22/06/2021  and it is to the assistance since 7 September almost two monts.

It's a shame

answered 03 Nov 2021 at 11:25 PM

Claudio Leoni
Hello Claudio,
There is now a firmware update available on mymarshall

Kind Regards
- Lee Tomlin 04 Nov 2021 at 09:00 AM
It doesn't work, the display now has fade down and the bluetooth doesn't work, I would like to throw it out from the windows.
160 Euro and a piece of iron that is useless.
Why don't you replace it?
Assistance in Rome in two months did not solve the problem.
The dealer is incompetent.
- Claudio Leoni 06 Nov 2021 at 01:41 PM
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