Coupling 2 Stanmore IIs on PC/laptop


Hello guys,

I'm in sort of a pickle as I can't seem any info about this.

I have a Stanmore II that is absolutely perfect. I however long for that stereo effect :)

Hence I'm planning on getting a 2nd one, but I primarily use my PC and laptop for listening to music. I was wondering would it be possible to pair the two via the app on my phone and then connect them to the PC/laptop.

My logic here is that if I tingle the bass or treble via the phone app, it seems to "stick" with the speaker and then if I connect it to the other device, the settings stay the same.

So it's only logical that if I pair the two via the phone app, when I search via my laptop I'll find 1 coupled device to connect.

Anyone done this setup?

asked 27 Oct 2021 at 05:46 PM

Ivan Georgiev
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