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The master volume on the SC20H seems to take things down pretty quiet while still sounding good. I'll typically play it in 5W mode at around 1 on the master.

For the sweet spot of this amp, supposing on the high input the gain is set to around 3'oclock is there a sweet spot for the master? Or is this amp designed to sound good with the master from the ground up? I have tested playing this amp with an attenuator with the master on 7 but things actually seem a little bigger and more defined WITHOUT the attenuator and a lower MV. 

Some input from Marshall about the intended function of the master here would be really helpful for me in dialing in this amp. I ask because the audio samples on the Marshall site have the master around 7 with these settings and many of the YouTube reviews do as well so I am wondering if I am missing something. 


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John Markos

asked 04 Nov 2021 at 12:33 PM

John Markos
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Hello John,


The Master Volume on the SC20 does affect the sound and feel of the amplifier. I would say having the Master between 4 and 7 will allow the power stage to sound and respond to it’s best. The low end will open up around 4 and beyond this you will have more power amp saturation and compression.


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answered 05 Nov 2021 at 10:49 AM

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