DSL 1hr Cable included / DSL20cr speaker upgrade


Hello Team,

I do have a couple of questions. 

1. I have a DSL20CR and would like to upgrade the speaker to 8ohm. So if ever I install an 8ohm speaker and plug in the 1x8ohm at the back panel, would it be fine? I mean no issues that will be experienced in the transformer?

2. Furthermore, just recently bought a marshall DSL1hr (last weekend) and very happy with it. I just saw there is a cable included saying:  "Marshall PVC 0.85 sq mm x 2 cores wonderful vn (lf)"

Is this a speaker cable? I'm not comfortable using it before I confirm.

Thanks a lot.

Mike Burny

asked 15 Nov 2021 at 12:43 AM

Mike Burny
Answers: 1


Hi Mike,

I know it's not clear but it's definitely a speaker cable. There was one included in the box when I purchased the DSL20HR. It confused me at the time as it was very thin when compared to all the other speaker cables I own. 
I made some enquires and was informed that it's a speaker cable and I've not experienced any issues with it.




answered 26 Nov 2021 at 05:10 AM

Simon Coulston (12)
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