Marshall Gateway App connection to Code 25 does not work


I tried to connect Marshall Gateway App to Code 25. (Firmware v1.46)
While Bluetooth connection between mobile and Code25 basically is set up and I can even stream music to it,  the app says "You may only control amps you are already connected to for audio output".

I cannot connect the app to the amp.

Maybe anybody can give me a hint.




asked 19 Jan 2022 at 09:01 PM

Martin Hollinger
Im having the same issue, and I was hoping there is a way to remove the firmware, cause mine was fine until I installed the firmware on the amp.. Did you ever get help with your connection to the gateway via bluetooth? - Barbara Andrews 13 Feb 2022 at 04:11 AM
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Please ... just search the forum, this question has been answered many times.

answered 21 Jan 2022 at 08:11 PM

Mark Lüttger (31)
Still no answer to this problem. im about ready to get a fender Mustang instead. This is getting rediculous - Barbara Andrews 19 Mar 2022 at 02:27 AM
I can’t see anything ridiculous here, there are enough answers in this forum to bluetooth-problems. Just bring in a little bit of effort by searching for these 😉 but maybe a Fender Mustang is the better choice for you, it is less complicated 😇but I will give you a hint anyway. As long as you can stream the amp is connected to your phone! Fully close the app and maybe try to „forget“ the amp on your phone and pair completely new. - Mark Lüttger 19 Mar 2022 at 09:06 AM
Hi Mark,
I have tried everything that was mentioned in this forum.
It all started when I updated the firmware, so Its the gateway app that wont connect. I can play music through the bluetooth connection though.
The same error comes up "You may only control amps you are already connected to for audio output".
I even did the the reset on both the amp and Gateway by removing the app and all of its settings and did the reset on the amp. It hasn't helped at all.
If only there were an updated fix for the gateway app.
Dont get me wrong Mark, Im a big Marshall Fan, I just dont want to spend a lot of time in Tech support so I can Write and record on an amp.
Oh and yes I did get the Mustang, Its pretty sweet too. lol
- Barbara Andrews 19 Mar 2022 at 12:00 PM
Hi Barbara, once again: as long as you can play music through the amp you are connected. I had the described error "You may only control amps you are already connected to for audio output", too - but for me it helped to fully close the app and restart it. To „forget“ the amp on your phone (i.e. "clear" the connections) and pair completely new helped other users.
I have updated to 1.46 and also have the newest Gateway-app on my phone. Since the FW-update the error didn't occur again. Maybe it's the phone? I read that sometimes people wit LG- or Samsung-devices have the problems, too. With me it's an iPhone XR, and it just works fine.
So, sorry that I don't have any other ideas, but what I described are the only solutions that work - except maybe a change of the device. Did you try another one?
- Mark Lüttger 19 Mar 2022 at 05:20 PM
I have an iPhone 7, I will be getting my new iPhone 11 this next week, That would be a relief if that were the fix, all though my iPad has given the same error too. Anyways, Thankyou for your persistency on the subject. I will keep you informed when I get my iPhone 11.
- Barbara Andrews 19 Mar 2022 at 05:29 PM
Oh, I wanted also to clear up something else. My amp has the 1.46 firmware update. and my phone has the updated app, and I do know that The bluetooth is only used for Effect control when using the Gateway App, And The the Bluetooth also will also as a headset connection from the iPhone to the amp. (no pun intended) Cheers :)

- Barbara Andrews 19 Mar 2022 at 05:50 PM
It's right that the amp appears as "headphones" on the phone, at least with mine. Might be that the iPhone 7 didn't get the latest Gateway-update since the iPhone 7 runs "only" with iOS 12 ... have the same problem with my iPad which doesn't take the newest Amazon-app-version ... good luck with the new phone - Mark Lüttger 20 Mar 2022 at 10:53 AM
I have the same issue and followed the other suggestions from other posts and still nothing. I just gave up. I figured since the app hasn’t been updated in over two years it just an app issue. The music sounds honky and flat so I don’t play it though the amp. Just take the time and don’t use the app. My God this amp sounds great. - DMHC Man 05 May 2022 at 01:34 AM
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