Code 50 power supply not working


My 2016 Code 50 has a non functioning power supply, i am in Australia and so far both E-mailing the local parts supplier and Marshal support has fallen on deaf ears , I am seeing all over here that there is no replacement for this power supply , if this is so , I can't believe that marshal would release such a shoddy product , it actually is quite a nice little amp , my jcm 800 and 1959 SL have been running since the 70's and eighties rock solid , I guess my question is can someone steer me in the right direction, because I don't want to have a brick in my studio 

asked 20 Jan 2022 at 07:39 AM

JP Mchugh
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I expect if anyone is able to supply a PSU it would only be direct from Marshall, although they would probably just try and direct you to an "authorised service centre".

I have a code 25 so no experience of the 50, but what I do know about the Code25 though is that there seems to be 2 different power supplies. The older ones seem to have a switch mode PSU and the newer ones seem to have a regular linear PSU. Not sure if this is the same with the code 50's.

You could check at Marshallforum dot com there is someone there who used off the shelf PSU's to replace one.

"I used an off the shelf 24v SMPSU rated at 10A and a separate 5v SMPSU rated at 0.5A with a discrete regulator for 3.3v. The large yellow wire is 24v to the power amp and I think it was the black wire on the 4 way header that was 3.3v. The pins on this header are paired up. It was important to keep the 2 PSUs isolated to keep noise down."

answered 21 Jan 2022 at 11:23 AM

Joliet Jake (100)
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