Code 50; Connection Rejected - You May Only Control Amps You Are Already Connected To For Audio Output


This issue is driving me crazy. My Code 50 used to work with my iphone and ipad, now it refuses to connect and I always get the above message.

I have performed the following:

1. Forgot bluetooth connection on both devices

2. Deleted iphone app and re-installed.

3. Re-paired and tried to connect with same issues,

4. Formed factor preset of amp with no luck.

I know the blueotth connects as I can play music through my amp from phone, I just cannot connect to update any presets.

Any solutions would be greatfully received, am getting so frustrated with this product.

asked 27 Mar 2022 at 11:37 AM

Geoff Ward (1)
When you install the Marshall gateway app and turn on Bluetooth in the iphone settings the Marshall app still needs Bluetooth turned on for the app.. so the solution is to go further down below the iphone Bluetooth option to where you see the Marshall gateway app (still under settings) and then by clicking on the Marshall app you can allow Bluetooth for the app itself.. still turn on Bluetooth for the iphone as usual… after this go back to the home screen or outside of settings to click on the Marshall app and scan for amp will bring up the Bluetooth connection within the app solving the issue - eddie mills 29 Apr 2022 at 09:51 AM
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Hey Geoff,

Thank you for your comments, can you check the app is set to allow connections via Bluetooth, many Android and Apple updates happen with this now having to be changed and updated.


Marshall Support

answered 28 Mar 2022 at 01:29 PM



The Marshall Gateway app can be downloaded for Android or iOS. To pair Bluetooth, simultaneously press the REV and POWER buttons. You can pair your iOS/Android device with the CODE's Bluetooth ID by enabling Bluetooth. ? ?

edited 31 Mar 2022 at 07:29 AM

Carlton flores

answered 30 Mar 2022 at 07:24 AM

Carlton flores


The issue is unless the Code is one of the first bluetooth paired items on your ios device then it doesn't work. Solution is to unpair others, pair Code and ensure it is alphabetically one of the first when adding others. Other users have also noted this issue. I love the concept but the Marshall Gateway app (both iphone and ipad) is incredibly buggy

answered 31 Mar 2022 at 09:49 AM

Geoff Ward (1)


This fully digital amp is loaded with 14 MST preamps, 4 MST power amps and 8 MST speaker cabinets for you to create sounds that suit you. Using the Gateway App you can connect via Bluetooth to control CODE and stream music from your iOS or Android device.

answered 05 Apr 2022 at 02:09 PM

bekzclz11 bekzclz11
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