Input jack for a Marshal MG100HDFX ...


I do need input jack for a Marshall™ MG100HDFX -
i browsed into internet -  and i am not quite sure which one I should/can use ?
 I am in spain, and now, summertime  and the sessions rocks - but that input jack does make scratches, and noises.. 
 Where I can achieve an proper, good-one, input jack,   - for your amp ???

I  download schematics  of the amp but they  are badly scanned - so I could not spot' the specs' of the device... 
Do you can you send me a high res pic of  the Amp ? 

so, maybe, when I  can identify that part  - I could order it here in Spain ? 
 or - even - from you , directly ???
 that would be a great help for a 'stressed guitarrist ... 

 Thank  you  in advance... 

Oliver Schalles
Calle Calvario 15
04288 Bédar, Almeria
0034 664 02 50 31


asked 22 Jun 2022 at 05:25 PM

Oliver Schalles
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