Marshall SC20C Navy Blue - Effects Loop


Hello, I bought this week a Marshall SC20CNB. Searching some forums, I noticed that there is a problem with Effects Loop in some SC20 units (all of them models? combo or head?), and that you have a solution to fix the problem.

I'm waiting for my amp to arrive next week, but already anticipating, does this limited series (Navy Blue) has this problem? Could you tell me just by the serial number?

As I live in Brazil, I’m worried if you have some authorized technical assistance here.

Kindest regards.

asked 16 Jul 2022 at 03:09 AM

Rodrigo Aguilera
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Hi Rodrigo,

If you have any issues when the amp arrives you will need to contact the shop you purchased from for help on this and they can arrange any repairs.


Marshall Support

answered 18 Jul 2022 at 10:36 AM

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