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Bought a MG102cfx second hand. LOVE it! My first Marshall. My questions is regarding the tuner. Does the MG102CFX have a tuner? The manual covers the entire MG line and states there are 2 ways to trigger the tuner. The manual specifically references the MG15CFX & MG30CFX and the MG50CFX & MG100CFX but makes no direct mention of the MG102CFX including, or not including a tuner. It also isnt listed on your website as a feature of this unit. The presence of a tuner button on the front plate gives me a sliver of hope.

The reason I ask is as a second hand unit, it no longer has the PEDL-90010 included when originally relaeased. No biggie. I am just wondering if I should get the 4 button PEDL-90008 with the tuner function or go with with 2 button  footswitch without the tuner funtion. 

Either way, I love this thing and will continue to jpyfully abuse my neighbors with it.


Charles Kelly

asked 26 Aug 2022 at 02:12 AM

Charles Kelly
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Hello Charles,

The MG102CFX does have a tuner, you can manually access the tuner by simultaneously pushing the Damping and Store switches on the front panel, or by using the foot controller PEDL-90008.

If you would like a manual for this product which explains it in more detail please email and i can email it to you.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 26 Aug 2022 at 09:00 AM

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