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Hello everyone from Portugal,

I hope you guys are safe and keeping up. Proud of another Marshall product, adding to the existing Haze 40 and the pre JMP-1, the CODE 100H. I am still going thru the details of every aspect of the digital architecture, but some do seem permanent and require your support:
1. Each saved preset will freeze the unit, muting sound, disabling "preset" knob, only mitigated by turning off and on the unit. Actually this will happen exactly the same way if I'm using the app to save the preset.
2. If by chance the app is not detecting/recognizing the amp (after previous sync's), the only way to enable this is to shut down the app and turn it back on again.
3. When the unit is ON and the volume is 0, there is a clear hum coming from the speakers. This hum is non existing when using the headphones. I am using the original cabinet cable supplied.
4. My understanding of the CAB feature, is that it should be "on", if using the DAW or headphones, and OFF when connected to a cabinet (I'm using CODE 212 btw and enjoying it). Why all the presets are factory saved with CAB "on"?
The unit was bought with the 1.44 version already installed. I have not tried yet to reinstall anything. I am using Mac, with no Windows sw.
Thanks for the support,
(cc to

asked 02 Apr 2021 at 08:19 AM

Pedro Faria
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