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I've been recording on garageband and other softwares for a long time already!

However, I've bought this (crappy) amp to record via USB on these DVAs I'm used to work with. SO, aparently, after questioning people who uses the same amp, and here on the forum, NOBODY could explain the real reason why this "amp" won't work for recording via usb!

The TWO computers I use (macbook and PC - windows7) reconize the amp, however NO SOUND AT ALL are recorded! 

I am familiar with LINE 6 products and I use them a lot. No problem at all with this gear! But MARSHALL, the most famous brand of amps on the world, releases an amp promising to do something they aparently are not able to!

Lame amp! recently bought and, hopefully, recently SOLD! Waste of my time and money! 


asked 26 Jan 2017 at 01:57 PM

daniel reiz
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