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Hi Marshall Team,

Yesterday I bought a CODE 25 amp and after some quick fiddling with it I'm more than happy with the sounds I can get.

Unfortunately today I wanted to check out the app features and here's where the experience went south.

I am able to connect to the amp via Bluetooth and stream music but when I open the app I don't get the 'Connect' red tab and the 'Menu\Code' section gives no search results regardless of how many times I try.

Before you refer me to the standards - I've tried them. I went through 'close app -> remove from last viewed apps -> unpair BT -> amp off -> amp on-> etc...', I went through same routine but with uninstalling the app and installing it once again. Phone restarts - also done. Hell, I even reinstalled the firmware on the amp (it was the latest one from the very beginning in case you wonder). No success whatosever.

Gateway app - ver. 1.4.2

Phone - Galaxy S7

Android - ver. 6.0.1

Hope you will be able to help.



asked 15 Jun 2017 at 11:56 AM

Michal W
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