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The lag time in the release of this footswitch is rediculous.  Why would you promise something that you can't / don't deliver on?    IF the Bluetooth/iphone Gateway App were usable/seemless, the physical footswitch might not be necessary.  IF the parameters of the amp (including up/down patches) were avaiable via the USB port to a Computer program/app, the physical footswich might not be necssary.  IF there weren't Bluetooth and other software bugs, then the physical footswitch might not be necessary.  Unfortunately, IT IS necessary just to use the Code 25/50 remotely as was promised in it's advertising when purchased. Mine is still under Warranty by Marshall.   It is not performing as advertised.  Please send footswitch, or send me a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for the whole AMP  - you pay return shipping...   

CODE Gateway Bluetooth USB Footswitch

asked 18 May 2017 at 01:58 AM

S Fisher (6)
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