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I recently bought this amp for band rehearsals as it was a bit more powerful than my previous marshall 15watt, it is lightweight and with presets plus footswitch I was hoping to ditch my pedal board. We rehearse in a village hall which has a hearing aid loop system and the Code 25 seems particularly sensitive to it.  If the volume  turned above a quarter turn it triggered significant feedback particularly on settings with high treble.  Unfortunately the loop system is in a tamper proof cabinet which we are not allowed to touch. Has anyone else had a similar problem and know a workaround?

My other issue was bluetooth pairing with my phone but reading through the Forum it appears this is a "feature".  If I can't resolve both these issues it is going back to the shop next week to find an alternative amp that works for me. 

asked 22 Jun 2019 at 08:17 PM

colin winston
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