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Hi there. There is a very audible metallic ringing coming from what most likely sounds like the tubes when the gain or master volume is turned up to a usable level on any power setting. There is also a high-pitched scratching type buzzing (not 60hz or ground buzz) at higher master volume levels even with the tilt, presence, and treble turned all the way down.  It sounds exactly like the problem user Chris Holtmier asked about in his question on Dec 27, 2018. It is brand new shipped, and I noticed this immediately out of the box just 30 mins ago. I have tried other speakers, guitars, guitar cables, position in the room on the floor and tightened all the screws as well as re-seating the tubes. It's probable that the tubes are microphonic after shipping but because of the way it is built, I cant reach the tubes to do the tap test when its plugged in. Although the response to the previous question in mention was stated as "We have not come across a rattle on the Origin 50 Combo" it seems that this is a recurring problem with a few of them as he was referring to a post on another forum about the same kind of noise on an Origin 5 as well.

I guess my question is, why doesn't this work properly brand new and is there anything besides a re-tube that you can suggest to fix the problem without returning it?  I can post a sound file if needed. I usually re-tube with JJs anyways (which I suspect would fix the problem) but for now its actually cheaper to drive a 6 hour round-trip on a weekday to a GC than a $100 re-tube that possibly still might not fix the issue.

Other than that, I do really like the amp. I can tell that I would really enjoy it without the noise. I enjoy the effects loop, line out, gain boost, the tilt knob, and especially the vintage styling. It reminds me of a bluesbreaker. I dont play anything other than lower-wattage cathode-biased 6L6 or EL34 and I love pushing them to the max.  With a Rat going straight in I had a lot of fun with it before I noticed the noises again. I'm willing to admit its just a random lemon but maybe it's just from UPS handling and tubes being the way they are. I am going to play it side-by-side with the same model and check that theory. If its just the tubes I will def get the same amp again.

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Steven Acklin

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Steven Acklin
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