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Please read this post in the spirit in which it is posted.

I monitor these forums regularly as I have five Marshall CODE amps. and I guess I like to see what's going on and stay up-to-date.  And I suppose I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others where I can.  I must also note that I've not had any of the issues described on these forums with any of my CODE amps.  And I must also note that I think they're the best modelling amps. around i.e. they're Marshalls and enough said.

But what concerns me (and hence this post) is this: there really does seem to be a lack of interest on the part of Marshall Amplification when it comes to the CODE range (at least here on the forums i.e. if emailing Technical Support yields different results then I do apologise) (and given the fact that I've had no issues at all with any of my CODE amps., as noted above, I've never had to contact Technical Support so I would not know).  It's almost as if Marshall regret the day they got into this modelling business (and if that's not the case: sorry but that's my personal impression at the moment after, what, around eighteen months or so of monitoring these forums???).  I mean to say: there are so many posts around here (dating back) asking for feedback re: apparent bluetooth issues, projected dates for new firmware updates, etc. etc. etc.  And no answers.  There's even been one or two posts asking if Marshall is going to continue with the CODE range or if it's something they want to get away from.  No answer.  I think you get the picture.

The above being said: I do understand how frustrating it must be to be asked the same old questions over and over and over again ESPECIALLY when a forum member couldn't even be bothered to search the forums for an answer before posting and asking a question or before reading the manual.  Hell: if I had a few USD or GBP or EUR for every time I've answered a question on here re: standalone software to control these amps. well, then, I'd probably buy some more CODE amps.!!!  LOL!!!  Point is and all jokes aside: I do get it.  But it's no excuse for a lack of response on some very key issues (like those mentioned above).  And what's more: for some they're not asking for favors i.e. they're quite willing to help themselves but need a little bit of input (the Master Volume issue comes to mind here) and they just don't get that input.  And (back to the firmware issue): some are even prepared to roll back their firmware to a previous version as (apparently)  some issues were not issues in previous versions i.e. they're not even insisting that a new, immediate, firmware update with fixes is made available.  Fairer than that I don't think they could be.  But: no response (or, in some cases, a very non-committal response anyway).

In closing: I don't know if I'm correct in my assumption that Marshall isn't too interested in this CODE range of amps.  I also don't know if, maybe, this (perceived on my part anyway) lack of interest is because this particular market is quite tough nowadays (what with other modelling amps. and a plethora of plugins and the rest of the junk out there) and maybe the core business (the more expensive and professional products) is being conentrated on and these CODE amps. are just an irritation.  But you need to know this (as I have noted already): they are STILL Marshall amplifiers.  And there is nothing on the market (whether it be another modelling amp. or a plugin) that sounds like these amps. (or, at very least, comes as close to emulating the more expensive and professional Marshall valve amps.).  So they are actually something to be proud of Marshall.  Just bear this in mind going forward.

As I said: please read in the spirit in which this is being posted.

No response is necessary either.  But please do take cognisance of what I've posted above going forward.



asked 20 Sep 2018 at 09:12 AM

Dale Paterson (104)
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