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I left the F/S aside for a few days and today when i decided to use it just stoped responding.
The display shows A1 sometimes it twinkles, sometimes dont. But It doenst responds when i press the buttons.
I press ALL the F/S buttons and nothing happens!!!

I didnt drop it or nothing similar, the F/S is kinda new i bought it in June, the F/S conditions is visually intact.
Am i forgetting something?

Things that i've tried already:
- Factory reset my Code 50
- Factory reset my F/S

My setup:
Foorswitch 91109
Marshall CODE 50

asked 10 Oct 2020 at 10:10 PM

Lucas Pereira






Hi All,

I have recently set all my favorite presets to the banks I want. However, when i switch between presets, I get a half second delay and that kills the timing when i click into disortion. 

I have one preset for disortion, one for clean, one for solos etc. Its really frustrating, as the whole band swiches to distortion and mine takes half a second to kick in :(.  

I have tried a couple of youtube videos that "fix" the issue, but none have worked. Does anyone else have this lag problem??

Anyone know  any way to fix this? I'm also using the 91009 4 switch CODE pedal. 


edited 06 Jul 2020 at 08:13 AM

Scott Bell

asked 05 Jul 2020 at 07:57 AM

Scott Bell






The PEDL-91009 Footcontroller for CODE Amplifiers gets confused (i.e., it "locks-up") with a specific Push-Button sequence. While this sequence may not be a "correct" sequence of events, it could be possible to accidently use this specific sequence during a gig which will effectively "lock-up" the PEDL-91009 Footcontroller completely. Once this "lock-up" condition occurs, the PEDL-91009 Footcontroller becomes a useless brick. The only way to rectify this condition is to turn the CODE Amplifier OFF and back ON again. This would not be a good scenario to be in during a live gig.

To duplicate the "lock-up" condition, follow these steps:

1. With the PEDL-91009 Footcontroller plugged into a CODE Amplifier, turn on the AC Power Switch.
2. The PEDL-91009 Footcontroller starts up with A1 (Bank A Location 1) either flashing or steady.
3. Using the fourth Footcontroller push-button, advance the Bank to "D" by momentarily pressing the push-button 3 times.
4. Select preset Location 3 by momentarily pressing the number 3 push-button. All is good.
5. Now you need the preset stored in Location D1 so momentarily depress the number 3 push-button. All is good.
6. Now you need the preset stored in Location D2 so momentarily depress the number 2 push-button. All is good.
NOTE: D2 contains the American Overdrive Reverb preset in Location 10.
7. Now depress and hold push-button 2 until "10" appears. This is the preset's Location within the CODE Amplifier.
8. Momentarily depress the Bank push-button and the display reverts back to "D2".
9. Once again depress and hold push-button 2 until "10" appears.
10. Now momentarily depress push-button 2 again. In the display, a "C" appears which is my Tuning Mode.
11. Now (accidently) momentarily depress the Bank push-button. ***LOCK-UP***

After Step 11, the PEDL-91009 Footcontroller is completely locked-up and can only be gotten out of this situation by cycling AC Power to the CODE Amplifier. While this may be an illegal sequence of events, the firmware should be able to handle this exception without locking-up.

Besides not doing Step 11, is there a way to get out of the locked-up condition from the PEDL-91009 Footcontroller?

Thanks for your time and assistance! Dave

edited 10 Oct 2017 at 01:30 PM

David Hamm (10)

asked 07 Oct 2017 at 10:21 PM

David Hamm (10)
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