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An annoying problem of Code 50 concerns the sound of low frequencies which are extremely "muddy"
using a Stratocaster's bridge single coils
: absolutely no attack & non-existent twang!.

I really like this amplifier and I am sure that with a firmware update this problem can certainly be solved

My current firmware version is 1.44.


asked 30 Apr 2020 at 01:29 AM

David Fusi (3)






I own the Marshall CODE 100H and CODE 212 cabinet.

I really love this amp, but I find the MY GATEWAY web page interface to be somewhat awkward to use.

The following are issues that I would like to see changed.

All references to the MY LIBRARY list are referring to the list below the MY GATEWAY List on the MY GATEWAY web page.


1) On the My GATEWAY web page, the preset list at the top is arranged by columns (as it should be), but the MY LIBRARY list below that is arranged by rows.

This makes it very awkward to find a preset in the MY LIBRARY section. 

The MY LIBRARY section should be arranged by columns as well.


2) There is no indication in the MY LIBRARY section on the MY GATEWAY tab whether a preset is or isn’t in the MY GATEWAY list.

This makes it awkward to know which presets from the MY LIBRARY are used in the MY GATEWAY

I would suggest adding the MY GATEWAY preset number to the MY LIBRARY list as the indicator.


3) There is no indication in either list whether a preset has been Modified or is a Factory Preset 

(must copy to MY LIBRARY section below and then edit to know if it was changed-not as convenient as it could be if it was marked as Factory Preset or Modified in the list)


4) There is no way to compare presets in the MY GATEWAY list vs the same named preset in the MY LIBRARY list.

(And a preset can be changed in the mobile app or on the amp and synced to the web, 

but the change doesn’t get applied to the same named preset in the MY LIBRARY list,

so the MY LIBRARY presets become inconsistent with the same named preset in MY GATEWAY. 


And, there’s no indication that the same named preset in the MY GATEWAY list is now different from the MY LIBRARY version.

Must be constantly manually checking / updating the MY LIBRARY list.

There should either be a “Date Changed” field in the Edit Preset dialog box so you can know which one is the most recent, or

There should be a prompt or checkbox to update the MY LIBRARY preset as well.


There should be a way to select two presets and then select “Compare”.

The compare screen should highlight the differences.


5) Renaming a preset in the MY GATEWAY section doesn’t also rename it in the MY LIBRARY.

Requires either deletion of the preset in the MY GATEWAY list and re-addition of the renamed preset,

or edit same named preset in both lists.  There should be a prompt or checkbox to update the MY LIBRARY preset as well.


6) Multiple presets can be named the same thing but have different configurations (really bad idea!)

This makes it hard to know which one is the most up to date.

This should be prohibited.

Copying a preset to the Library should pop up a warning message that a preset with that name already exists, and ask to replace or rename it differently.


7) Preset settings can only be  viewed / edited in the MY LIBRARY section but not the MY GATEWAY section.  

This means that you have to copy a preset from the MY GATEWAY list to the MY LIBRARY section first.

Then hunt down where it went in the MY LIBRARY list in order to edit it, Edit it, and then copy it back to the MY GATEWAY list. 

That seems to be a lot more awkward than it ought to be. It should be possible to view or edit preset settings from either list.


8) It would be nice if a preset could be marked as a favorite.

9) It would be nice if all Factory Presets had audio preview samples.

10) It would be useful to have a way to record a short audio sample via bluetooth on the mobile app and then be able to save it automatically to SoundCloud and add the url to the preset.

11) Where do I find backing tracks for to use with the amp?

asked 17 Jan 2020 at 04:09 AM

A. Todd Henker






Hi There, 

I have been using my Marshall code 25 since last yr and noticed that when the amp is plugged and NOT turned on. There is an electric current at the end of the cable. It only dissapears when I turn on the AMP. The electric current runs until the guitar when its plugged. I have tried the cable on other amps and it was fine. 

Has anyone experiences this? or is this normal? 

Appreciate the response. 


asked 07 Jul 2019 at 06:59 AM

jericho zabala






Here are the videos of the defect

This amp sounded like this since day one I always thought it was maybe just the effects but soon realised after using the clean channel turning off all the fx and amps and also having people look at it I realised that theres something seriously wrong with it. I tried contacting you guys for that 5 year warranty especially since its defective but have not gotten a response. Its been almost a year that I've been trying to figure whats wrong with it but even person I ask has no clue I've searched and searched and have found no such issue similar to mine. I would like to get an explaination of the issue and see if there is a solution or maybe a replacement if possible thank you. 

asked 18 Jul 2018 at 11:36 PM

Evan rivera






Hi, i have a Marshall Code 50. I tried to record with usb input but there is a lot of noise (interference) every 10-15-20 seconds (random).

I have high quality cable and a yamaha RGX A2. With the oldest firmware version it was noisier, now with the v1.41 is better but how can I fix?

Any suggestions?


Sorry for my english.


Thank you.

asked 01 Jun 2018 at 07:04 PM

edoardo bertilaccio






Hi everyone!

Recently I bought Marshall CODE 25 and it's a great amp but I have one little problem with it.

There is a problem with MASTER potentiometer. I noticed that when I set it between 0-0.99 it is very very quiet but when I set it about 1.0 it becomes very loud. And in the effect it is very hard to play at "bedroom" volume levels. I must say that I'm disappointed - I had Yamaha THR 10 previously and it could play very well at every volume and it could play very quiet.

So to sum it up, is this some general issue with all CODE amps or something is broken in mine? Maybe master potentiometer needs repair?

asked 28 Feb 2018 at 08:15 PM

RafaƂ Nowak (4)






I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue, I bought my CODE 100 brand new back in November and after about a week of having it, the sound began to mute in the middle of my playing for one  to two minutes. Turning the amp off and back on seems to be a temporary fix but the problem still occurs. I have also tried to see if there was a difference in having my CODE connected to the app, and it seems like the amp goes longer with keeping sound while connected to the app but it still mutes ocassionally. I also have the latestest firmware. 

asked 12 Jan 2018 at 07:34 AM

Tahj Reavis (2)
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