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Presets need to flow easier between the different management areas.

(Reading the following is really only cumbersome, because that's how cumbersome it is to manage CODE.)

Copying one by one between amp and phone is really cumbersome.
How about an option to copy all 100 presets (or sections) between amp and phone? Both ways.
I want my amp to have the same presets as my phone.
(Others can still have the option the way it is laid out, but I don't see how managing amp and phone separately is useful unless someone really needs 200 different presets in one session.)

I like to have my preset sequenced in a way that makes sense. Artists, cleans, crunch, OD, Amps, or new additions squeezed next to existing ones. Others may sequence by set list or bands. If I shuffle presets on the computer/gateway, then the phone syncs this new sequence, and the amp does not match. Gets confusing.
Additionally, if the footswitch is assigned from the amp, then I have to copy new presets from phone to amp and even reassign to footswitch. Too many steps.

"Just use the presets on the phone and forget amp presets" would be an answer, but what about footswitch? and what about dead or forgotten phones?
Easy (automatic?) sync (with on/off for this auto/sync) between phone and amp, would allow everyone to use the amp (and footswitch) without constantly pulling out the  phone and pairing to have presets from the phone available. Bluetooth drains batteries.
Btw, any phone sounds come on the speaker  when playing because my iphone6 sees the amp as a headphone. So the presets need to be on the amp for any gigs.

Another footswitch suggestion:
A setting or function where the first 30 presets (01-30, without 00) are loaded into the 10 banks on the footswitch automatically? Then I only have to manage my presets within the 100 and everything else is assigned automatically?

CODE Gateway Bluetooth Presets Speaker Footswitch Improvements

asked 18 Jun 2017 at 07:02 PM

michael s (7)






So I just got my Code 25 amp and my guitar will show up in a couple days.

Even though my guitar isn't here yet I thought I would have a little bit of fun with it tonight.  One of the features that I really liked about this amp is being able to play music like from your phone through the amp either via Bluetooth or hardwired mini jack.   I did this tonight and to my surprise it sounded horrible! I tweaked the settings on the amp and of course it made no difference because those settings would only affect the guitar input.   I played the music through the music app on my phone then also through the Marshall Gateway app and got the same results. I thought maybe it was because I was doing it via Bluetooth?   But then I hardwired into the amp and it was the exact same issue. I guess there are other ways to listen to music while playing the guitar along with it but I just thought it was a pretty neat feature to have both sound sources coming out of the same speaker but there's no way that's going to happen.   Unless I'm  doing something wrong?

CODE Gateway Bluetooth Speaker

asked 18 Dec 2016 at 01:54 AM

Kevin S (1)
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