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I've got an Origin 5C, about 6 months old.  Has worked fine and is a fun little amp.  But last night I had my first issue.
Got the rig set up, with front-end fx, and also some fx in the loop. Warmed it up, then played a few bars in low power. All worked fine, so I switched to full power, and stepped away for a few minutes to let it warm up some more.
When I came back, it was still powered on (light and mild hum), but the footswitch was dead and there was zero volume. Not even cable crackle when plugging and unplugging the guitar.
I messed around with all the connections. Pulled everything and plugged in directly (also checked the instrument cable). So, guitar > cable > amp. Still no volume, and just a slight hum (very slight; it wasn't ampliyfing anything, so this was just circuit hum).
I dissambled the the thing, to check tubes and connections. Everything looked grand.
Reassembled it, and it worked fine. Played for a good 10 or 15 minutes at medium volume, and it was a charm.
But then the volume started dropping. Would come in and out. Then it dropped completely, and the footswitch went dark again.
I tried connecting an external preamp into the return (with a dummy plug in the send), but no luck. Footswitch was still dark.
Hum but no volume.
Haven't tried it yet today, but I'm expecting the same behaviour. My assumption is that there is something that goes sideways when the temperature gets up.
So, two questions:
1 - Is this a power tube issue? I haven't noticed any other problems or symptoms of bad tubes. And, like I said, it's 6 months old. Never gigged, but played loud fairly often.
2 - What's up with the footswitch? I can't find any schematics of the Origin series, and I don't care to go tracing. So, I'm not sure exactly where the FS fits into the circuit. I was wondering if that symptom might help to diagnose.
Anyway, a great little amp, but it's acting up!
Has anybody had or heard of this issue?
Thanks, friends

asked 17 Mar 2021 at 01:12 PM

Clark Powers
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