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I've noticed that when switching channels, specifically from any other channel to the Clean channel in Green mode, I get an audible pop. Not like a firecracker going off, but definitely bothersome. If I set the Clean channel to Orange mode the pop does not happen. So, the pop only happens when switching to Clean/Green. This pop occurs when switching via the front panel buttons or my midi Voodoo Lab ground Control. 

I've had another JVM410H owner try to reproduce the issue, and they experienced the same pop when switching via the front panel buttons, but did not experience the pop when using the Marshall footswitch.

How can I correct this?

asked 12 Aug 2020 at 07:40 PM

Anthony Watkins






Hey Marshall Forum!

About a year ago I bought my first ever Marshall amplifier; the Silver Jubilee 100W head (with 4x12 cab).
Since I use it mostly at home, I haven't cranked the volume all that much. But when I do, I notice a loud humming noise.

Today I turned the amp on, without having the guitar cable attached to it, cranked up the Master volume (with 0 gain!) and it hummed like crazy. 
What could be the source of the humming?? And more importantly, how can I get rid of this awful humming? 

The only cables that were attached were the footswitch, FX in/out and the power cable. 

asked 24 Oct 2018 at 05:58 PM

Jarnick Hulzebos
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