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Hello Guys

I just got a PEDL 91009 foot controller for my Code25. Impressed with how well it works and how useful it is (considering it connects with a normal guitar cable).

However the documentation for the 91009 is pretty poor and consists of a single sided page in the manual. I have found a few things that I can't find documented and I wonder if anyone else has found anything too.

Firstly, In the manual is says that in switch mode you can assign which blocks can be switched on and of with the three foot switches. This is great but what isn't clear in the manual is that this is universal and not per patch. i.e. if you assign button 3 to switch on the tuner then on every patch button 3 will swich on the tuner. It's the same with the tap tempo. So this means if you want the tuner available and tap tempo, then you can only switch on and off 1 effects module. Not the end of the world, but not clear in the manual. It's a shame there wasn't 2 buttons specifically for these functions.

Secondly. I had to look through this forum to find out how to reset the settings stored in the 91009, maybe it is documented somewhere in the manual. but I couldnt find it.

Thirdly. I discovered that if you are in switch mode (to switch on and off effects blocks in a patch). If you press and hold button 1 to 3 the 91009 changes to the patch stored in that bank position, but remains in switch mode. This means you don't have to come out of switch mode, change to the new patch in that bank and then go back into switch mode. May be useful for some people, but I couldnt find this in any manuals either.

Overall an impressive foot controller (for what it is). Has anyone else found out anying more it can do?


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Joliet Jake (85)

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Joliet Jake (85)
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