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I recently purchased a CODE25 to use as a practice amp. It looked like something fun I could play around with.

The first few days it was ok as I was only using some of the factory presets. Trouble started as soon as I edited one or saved an online preset. The sound dissappeared (speaker) and the display got very faint. Restarting the amp made the display ok again but still no speaker sound. I reset the presets (hold down Amp while turning it on) and that seemed to do the trick.

But soon after the sound issue started again. I reset the amp presets, re-installed the firmware, but I only had sound for 2-3 seconds after boot, then nothing.

I have now discovered that if I plug in a headphone (which has sound) and then unplug it, I have speaker sound again. This makes me even more confused. I haven't tested long enough to confirm that this will work over time. 

I see that there is a lot of posts regarding sound issues and requests for a long overdue firmware. But have anyone found out any new tricks to overcome the issues?

I sent an email to Servicedesk last week but haven't recieved a response of any kind.

asked 14 Apr 2021 at 11:00 AM

Bjørn Gamlem
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