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Hi, I just recieved my Code 50 yesterday "bought brand new" and the amp sounded great until i hooked up to my pc this morning and downloaded a featured preset not a communiy preset. I am running usb not bluetooth and its my studio setup. Now all the distortion and gain sounds like the input gain is wide open clipping the signal coming in at all volume levels, and on all distortion and od gain presets. I tried to reset the amp and did a firmware update now its litterally so bad you cant play it. This is certainly a software issue cause the effects and clean tones sound fine. This happened immediatley after i sent the preset usb from the website to the amp from the pc. Also i tried several guitars, usb cables, guitar cables and even my mac. just dont know wether i should send it back or if thiscan be fixed with a firmware patch or something , Thanks

asked 09 Mar 2021 at 07:41 PM

stephen anderson
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