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Hi I have a CODE 100H head/cab and a CODE 100 combo both with the latest firmware re-installed from Marshall and both have this issue, i.e. the amp very oftenn completely freezes when I save a preset.

Steps to reproduce:

- Modify any patch on the front panel

- Save

- 50% of the times the amp seems to freeze. The preset is saved but you can no longer change preset and there is no sound coming out.

The same happens if you modify a patch from the iOS app via bluetooth and then save it from there.


It's REALLY frustrating and I can't believe I didn't find anything on this forum under the "crash on save" keywords. Seeing it happens on both of my CODE units it much be a software bug, I don't think it has anything to do with my units.

Anyone else has seen this problem?



asked 23 Dec 2019 at 11:45 PM

Lele X (14)






Hello, I have acquired the CODE 25, really an excellent amplifier, very versatile and very good presets. My problem and please I hope you help me to resorve it, is that even though I can connect via Bluetooth, I can listen to my tracks ....... the big problem is that when I want to use the FX or presets it appears that there is no amplifier connected ... (either from my android phone or my Ipad I ... I do not understand what the problem is.) Secondly, when I want to install the MARSHALL FIRMWARE UPDATE UTILITY, to enter presets or update the ampli, does not recognize the connection.I request guidance to be able to make full use of such a beautiful tool for my music.I use Widows 10 and G. Chrome.For your attention, thank you very much

asked 16 Oct 2018 at 05:55 AM

Luis Ernesto Espinoza Guerra







firstly, i am disappointed with the code.  this amp seems like its still at test phase, its to buggy for a release.  would expect marshall to only release a new product unless its 100% reliable.

connecting ios devices to code is always problematic. very unstable.

my main problem now is updating firmware.  cant update in chrome. i have midi capability approved for marshall but keep getting midid disabled error even though i clearly have midi enabled.

tried opera, and the midi is working and the code is coming up as connected. i get as far as a message stating that firmware is updating with a status bar and percentage marker. doesnt update! stays at 0% and never moves. left it overnight and still 0% when i woke.

i have spent more time messing about with the problems with this amp than playing guitar. do i need to sell this and just buy a guitar interface? maybe

also, when using this amp through garageband there is no dedicated clean preset to use with garageband or other AU. basically it goes into garageband with a marshall preset and then the other AU preset is on top of the marshall preset. ideally this amp should include a straight clean unprocessed preset to work with other software AU's.  i really do think people need to consider a good quality guitar interface before purchasing this amp. its very restricitve and unreliable. if you are not gigginG i dont see the point in this amp. 


asked 15 Nov 2017 at 09:40 AM

ste cullen (5)
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