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Guys - 

You need to get someone to fix the Bluetooth capabilities with this product line, like, yesterday. I updated the firmware yesterday, which was extremely difficult to do in the first place, uninstalled / reinstalled the Gateway app today, and still cannot connect to the amp except via my phone's native Bluetooth options to use it as a speaker. I am running ios 13.3.1.

I've scoured your web site, I've watched your videos, I've been all over Google and Youtube, and I am nowhere. In addition, I'm legitimately concerned by other reviews that the amp is simply not going to sound as good given I've updated the firmware. Will post again if that's the case. 

I will see if I can push new presets to the amp via a hard connection to my PC, but you need to do serious damage control on this product line considering your leading selling point has proven to not work as intended, if at all. 

asked 16 Apr 2020 at 03:43 PM

Mike Hoye (1)






Hi I have a CODE 100H head/cab and a CODE 100 combo both with the latest firmware re-installed from Marshall and both have this issue, i.e. the amp very oftenn completely freezes when I save a preset.

Steps to reproduce:

- Modify any patch on the front panel

- Save

- 50% of the times the amp seems to freeze. The preset is saved but you can no longer change preset and there is no sound coming out.

The same happens if you modify a patch from the iOS app via bluetooth and then save it from there.


It's REALLY frustrating and I can't believe I didn't find anything on this forum under the "crash on save" keywords. Seeing it happens on both of my CODE units it much be a software bug, I don't think it has anything to do with my units.

Anyone else has seen this problem?



asked 23 Dec 2019 at 11:45 PM

Lele X (14)
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