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owned a code 25 for a while now but only really started using it during lockdown but have to say I'm really impressed. I'm just using it for living room playing and connected to my DAW as a way of laying down ideas but seriously, it's REALLY good.

For context, I've played guitar for 27 years and working in live music has been my primary source of income (pre lockdown....) for around 17 years. I'm usually a live-sound engineer and tour manager and occasionally fill in the gaps with some guitar-teching. I'm uk-based but have international clients, mostly guitar-based, playing mostly academy sized venues but have done major festivals worldwide and one short stint of an arena tour. The point here is not to blow my whistle, simply to say I've spent a lot of time being exposed to all manner of amps and modelling.

I own a line 6 helix and while the CODE isn't as flexible with regards to I/O, I genuinely feel like it's amp-modelling, especially for crunch, fuzzy or blown out tones, blows the Helix out of the water. Not that I'm as likely to use metal tones or had much cause to tweak them but I've noticed those kind of presets can sound a little thin. Also, higher gain sounds in general could benefit from a graphic EQ somewhere in the modelling chain, as it can be prone to squeak at frequencies usually outside of a regular amps range, presumably because of the full-range nature of the cab.

So, my query is, is there any chance that the CODE range is likely to get any substantial firmware updates or maybe 2nd generation hardware that could bring additional functionality/Pro level durability and a decent footswitch... I'm impressed that you've managed to get that much functionality out of a mono-jack but a few extra switches or even just midi connectivity for use with after market footswitched to access would open the amp right up.

Personally, I'd love to see one capable of more complex I/O routing i.e. the ability to record your dry input to DAW over usb and similarly, route from the DAW to the amp input for re-amping.

Midi I/O and an xlr input with phantom and a decent sounding pre would make it a nice little hub for a solo recording setup.

Anyway, great work Marshall/Softube, really hope you develop the line further.

asked 27 Oct 2020 at 02:41 PM

Jamie-Lee Warlow (1)






Every time he touched her depths with a well-angled thrust her mind scattered. She could no longer think or even resist. It took all her concentration to not moan and cry out loud.

She tried to balance, but as he pressed in, gripping her hips to slide his shaft into her, she seemed to be almost floating against him. Finally, Anne gave up trying to escape and sagged against him, letting him take her without resistance.

"Good girl," he growled softly in her ear, "take it." His pace quickened, his hand gripping her thigh with a bruising pressure.

He thrust up a couple times, as deep as he could, lifting her feet from the ground. And then just held it there. She felt him pressing into her with every muscle he had, an incredible power about to make her explode.

Anne heard Ben grunt softly and his hips arched again, trying instinctively to get his dick as deep as possible. His cock flexed inside of her once, twice, and then she felt liquid heat spread inside her. He was cumming! Panic gripped Alice again—she was unprotected and he was cumming deep inside her! She would get pregnant. Her college life would be ruined.
Ben didn't seem to notice her renewed tension and continued to milk his cock into her depths with short jabs of his hips. And then with a sigh he relaxed, resting his forehead on her shoulder. His dick was still deep inside her, plugging her, holding his cum inside her.

"I'm not on birth control," Anne sobbed under her breath.

"It's okay, baby," Ben whispered into her shoulder, his voice tinged with amusement again, "I'll take care of it. But I don't cum outside sweet girls."

Anne could feel his cock softening by a degree. The discomfort of his cock stretching her virgin pussy to her max was replaced by the trickle of wetness down her thigh. Still, Ben did not shift or pull out of her. She wondered what kind of mess there would be when he did. She felt he wanted to plug her for as long as possible—keep his cock, and his cum—inside his conquest as long as possible.

She wriggled in his lap as Ben's dick softened, hoping to free herself from both his shaft and his grip. Unfortunately, as she did so she realized why he had not pulled out of her. Her wriggling was making him grow hard again.

"Noooo," she groaned.

"Yes," he murmured in her ear, "just relax and enjoy it."

Still disguising his movement with the jostling of the bus, Ben started to flex his hips against her again. With each thrust his shaft hardened. Now slick with both her fluids and his first load of cum, his passage was even easier. The added wetness was also reliving some of the discomfort for Anne. His free hand bobbed down to her vulva again, massaging her clit with his free hand.

Warmth and pressure was building inside Anne's core against her will. The heat spread from her clitoris to her pussy, where the friction of his thick cock was making the pressure build.

She'd masturbated before, of course, but this was something else entirely. She bit her lip and resisted the heat building as best she could. It would be humiliating to cum on a cock that had been forced inside her—and on a bus surrounded by her teammates no less!

Ben's pace with his thrusting was more measured and relaxed now that he'd come once. But his shaft was no less hard. Other than the bruising pain of her cervix when he pressed deep, the discomfort had faded. Now it was slick heat and friction building, building, building...

The orgasm took Anne by surprise, flashing over her like a wave as Ben's fingers circled her clitoris. She turned into his shoulder, pressing her face into his shirt to muffle the moan that escaped her as she shuddered in his firm grip.

She forgot about the crowded bus, and what was going on her for a moment as waves of pleasure diffused her.

What brought her back was the increased urgency of Ben thrusting into her. His free hand was on her thigh again, pulling her back further onto his cock until his engorged glans bumped against her sore cervix. He was going to cum again. But Anne's muscles felt lax and unresponsive after her orgasm, and though she pushed feebly against him he thrust hard up into her pussy one more time and came as deep as he could. She could feel his shaft twitching as he released his load—and the walls of her pussy flexed as if to drain him of every drop.

With a sigh Ben finally relaxed his grip on her. The arm around her waist softened its hold and his other hand was removed from her thigh.

Stunned, Anne didn't move.

Ben's cock stayed inside her until it softened enough to slide out of her in a rush of fluid. Then, thought a word he shifted his gym shorts and tucked away his cock as though it were a harmless tool—all still under the cover of her spread skirt.

Anne was in shock. So she remained where she was on Ben's lap, his cum leaking onto her cotton thong which he'd pulled neatly back into place over her puffy abused vulva. She'd just lost her virginity to the quarterback of her college football team. On a moving bus.
But no one had seemed to notice. Everyone was laughing and deep in conversation or handheld videogames.

She shunted her mind away from her fears of pregnancy, as difficult as that was feeling the slickness of his spunk coating her insides right now. She would have to worry about that later. She didn't understand what Ben had meant that he'd "take care of it." At least it was over now. Right?

edited 26 Oct 2020 at 04:53 AM

Lindsey Cauthen

asked 02 Sep 2020 at 09:12 AM

Lindsey Cauthen







i switch through my presets with  the Marshall PEDL-91009, however, this pedalboard only has 3 switches and a bank switch, however i would like to have a pedalboard with more than 3 preset switch button for faster recall ... is there a solution (maybe via MIDI) , or a compatible footswitch that i am unaware of? 

asked 21 Mar 2018 at 04:47 PM

Daniele Varra






Hey all - new to the forums, new to Marshall amps and had a few questions about the Code 50 I just ordered that will be here in a day or so.  I have played my guitars through my buddy's Code 50 and am familiar with editing the patches, tweaking the tones and getting the sounds that I want from the amp to fit my playing style.  What I am not familiar with is the use of footswitch and any Midi capabilities it may have.

1) Can one use just a regular on/off type of old school footswitch to turn an effect or amp on/off or initiate a patch change?  I have several old school footswitches I have successfully used on many different amps, albeit older amps, and it has always worked.  Curious since the Marshall footswitch actually holds presets if anything like that would work.

2) As far as Midi goes, I come from a Line6 multi-effects world and know that many of their multi-effect units have the capability to control effects on/off/parameters and patch/bank switching via Midi commands.  Does the Code software have anything like that if hooked up to a PC/Mac running a DAW that has the capability to send midi control commands to change patches/effects realtime during recording/playback.

Thanks for any input and excited to get this amp.  I am a player of over 30 years and have only ever played through Crate amps for the past 20+ years that have finally given up and the cost to repair is more than new.  Bash Crate all you want but they were loud and proud and with the right EQ/effects loops made some damn good musical sounds.

asked 20 Mar 2018 at 03:04 AM

Billy Nab






con i use the boss fc200 as a footswitch with the code50 amp. Im having a midi connector set to the plug where it is to be connected.

if so what standard midi presets do i need in order to be able to switch form setting 02 to e.g. 53

asked 08 Feb 2018 at 06:22 PM

Kees Leautaud
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