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Hey all - new to the forums, new to Marshall amps and had a few questions about the Code 50 I just ordered that will be here in a day or so.  I have played my guitars through my buddy's Code 50 and am familiar with editing the patches, tweaking the tones and getting the sounds that I want from the amp to fit my playing style.  What I am not familiar with is the use of footswitch and any Midi capabilities it may have.

1) Can one use just a regular on/off type of old school footswitch to turn an effect or amp on/off or initiate a patch change?  I have several old school footswitches I have successfully used on many different amps, albeit older amps, and it has always worked.  Curious since the Marshall footswitch actually holds presets if anything like that would work.

2) As far as Midi goes, I come from a Line6 multi-effects world and know that many of their multi-effect units have the capability to control effects on/off/parameters and patch/bank switching via Midi commands.  Does the Code software have anything like that if hooked up to a PC/Mac running a DAW that has the capability to send midi control commands to change patches/effects realtime during recording/playback.

Thanks for any input and excited to get this amp.  I am a player of over 30 years and have only ever played through Crate amps for the past 20+ years that have finally given up and the cost to repair is more than new.  Bash Crate all you want but they were loud and proud and with the right EQ/effects loops made some damn good musical sounds.

CODE Presets USB Footswitch MIDI

asked 20 Mar 2018 at 03:04 AM

Billy Nab
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