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I was using the usb connection to record on Audacity.  The guitar I was using was a Fender Strat with noiseless pups.  I found that the signal stregth was really low and the only way I could get a decent recorded signal was to turn up the master volume to an unbearable level and was close to getting a stern talking to from my better half.  I then tried the same process but used some headphones and this sorted the level issue so it recorded a strong signal.  There was still a bit of crackle on the recording but much improved from the last firmware release.  

I then recorded some acoustic guitar without headphones.  This was a martin DRs1 with a stock fishman pup.  Signal strength was really good and the quality was great.  No hum or hiss or crackle.

Great to hear others experiences.

CODE Headphones USB Firmware recording

asked 21 Dec 2016 at 04:56 PM

Nigel Grimshire (2)
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