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I own a DSL20HR amp and I'd like to connect two 1x12 speaker cabinets to the amp simultaneously. Both cabinets are Marshall 1912 cabinets (1x12", 8ohm speaker). There are three speaker cabinet output jack sockets in DSL20HR:

one 1 x 16 OHM socket to connect a single 16ohm speaker cabinet, and

two 1x16 OHM sockets to connect two 16ohm speaker cabinets simultaneously or to connect a single 8 Ohm speaker cabinet to either one of these sockets.

How do I connect two 8ohm cabinets to this amp? I'd like to connect these cabs in series to have 16ohms in result, but the cabs don't have sockets for connecting them in series. There is only one input in 1912 cab. And if I find a device to connect this two amps in series, do I then connect the first cab's input cable to the DSL20HRs single 1x16 OHM input (the first input option)? Is this safe? The manual doesn't say anything about connecting cabinets in series.

Thank you! The new amp is great btw!

asked 17 Feb 2018 at 10:27 AM

Matias Voutilainen (1)
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