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I have an Axe Trak insulated speaker (here is a link to info on the speaker)

When I have run it from the Marshall it has cut out after playing for a while, I have turned off the amp and then the following day used the amp with its built in 12" speaker and it has been fine. When i read the JTM 60 manual it said it is fine to drive a 8ohm from the external speaker output ONLY, not the internal out connection.

Is this OK? when things cut out it makes me worry about my Marshall and I really don't want to cause it any damage.... Also I have checked the speaker lead and that is all good, when it cut out it the sound broke up and faded in about 1 second. It is the 2nd time is has happened so i thought I best get some advice. The Axe Trak is great and means i can play a valve amp and get valve amp tone and not disturb my neighbours, it is a great bit of kit for home recording and I want/need to be able to use it. Any advice?

Thanks, Robin..

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Robin Brown

asked 16 Jun 2018 at 12:36 AM

Robin Brown
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