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I've just recently bought the Acton II to have as a speaker in our bathroom. Looks great and sound good enough. So far I'm satisfied. 
However, the speaker is driving me mad. Here's why. 
My girlfriend and I both use the speaker whenever we're spending time in the bathroom, so both our phones have been connected to the speaker at some point. 
But, if I'm playing music from my iPhone to the speaker and my girlfriend is in another room, let's say, watching YouTube on her iPhone things get wierd. If she adjusts the volume on here phone it also messes with my music in the bathroom. 

Another example:

Playing music from phone 1 to Acton II. then, Adjusting the volume by using the buttons on the side of iPhone 1 also adjusts the main volume of phone 2. Even though Phone 2 isn't in use. It just messes with the volume of it. 

This is suuuuuper annoying. Since the app is no where near of being good, I don't know how this can be solved. If there's no good solution I'm gonna have to sell the speaker and buy a brand that really knows how to make speakers for this purpose. 

Does anyone know if this can be fixed..??

thanks / Mathias 

asked 01 Feb 2022 at 12:57 AM

Mathias Andersson







I took delivery of a Code50 last Friday, and already I have noticed a major flaw. I have updated the firmware, and it didn't solve the problem.

1. On many of the presets, there is what sounds to me like a slight buzz or a distorted sound as the chord is being held after about 4 or maybe 5 seconds. Obviously, this isn't going to be good when recording.

For example, I have been using many of the clean sounds, such as, American Clean (preset 32). This is a prime example of the unwanted buzz as the chord fades (only 4 or 5 seconds). There are so many more presets that also have this problem.

The issue occurs through both the Code50 built-in speaker and my Beyer Dynamic DT100 headphones. Using headphones proves that it is not the internal speaker at fault.

I can email a sound byte if you need one.

The last thing I want to do is re-box the amp and return it for a replacement only to have the same issue happen with the next unit. So, please can you let me know if this is a widely known fault because, if it is, I will unfortunately have to send it back for a full refund.

2. A second issue worth noting here is that the clean sounds are not very loud. When wearing headphones, I have to increase both volumes to 10, but I can still hear the strumming of the actual guitar with my plectrum coming through the headphones. The volume on the clean sounds are too weak and definitely not loud enough when also playing through the Code50 speaker, not just the headphones. Conversely, the distorted rock sounds are really loud when the volume is set to a low level, but the clean sounds couldn't be more opposite.

It will be a shame if I return the unit because I love the app and the ability to back up presets and also search for new ones.

Many thanks 

asked 17 Nov 2020 at 07:50 PM

R Cross






So ive been using my code50 for about a month now. Only really used it at my house and im getting on really well with it, i love it. Dead easy to use and like using a mixture of gateway and pedal.

I took it to band practice the other day, a chance for it to really show me what it can do. Turned it up to about half way on the master volume and i had this horrible screeching feedback come through every time i even touched my guitar strings. Almost as if my guitar was right up against the amp but it wasnt. 

Was fine on a clean setting, only when i had it on a distorted setting

Anyone else having this issue? 

asked 13 Feb 2017 at 09:43 PM

chris poole
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