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I'm a beginner. I've experiemented with all the presets of my CODE50. It's an amazing amp/speaker combo. However, I would like to have a better understanding of what the switch and 4 knobs do on my Epiphone Les Paul, apart from all the amazing things that the CODE50 can do. This would seem to require that I set the CODE50 to work as a "pure amplifier," solely increasing the volume of the guitar output, without adding any effects to modify/model its output. Can I achieve this by doing the following using the iPhone app?

Turn to Pedal 1 preset (and not use a pedal)

Keep Pre-Amp at Natural

Turn Power-Amp and Cabinet off

Turn all FX off

Anything else?

asked 30 Apr 2019 at 02:26 AM

Jim Marshall (12)
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