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Hi, 3 question:

1) I'm Italian and I just purchased on ebay a brend new DSL40Cr from a UK shop. I was wondering if the ampli still works at 220V - 50 Hz as per manual, regardeless the fact it comes from UK, and if will arrive with power calbe schuko plug or UK plug. In this case may I use an adaptor male shuko/female UK ?

2) I would like to know if I can use an external speaker as additional together with the internal Speaker, for example the internal 16 Ohm speaker + an external 8 Ohm speacker connected obviously at right socket.

3) in case of use of one external speaker (e.g. 8 Ohm ) which one I should connect of the two socket where is labeled down "1 x 8 OHM - 2 x 16 OHM" ? is it indifferent, the one to the left or the right ?

update for the question n.2: maybe I figure out how it has to be done: unplug the internal speacker from 16 OHM socket and plug it into the 8 OHM speacker. plug a 16 OHM external cabinet into the other 8 OHM Speacker socket. otherwise only configuration showed on manual are allowed. Is that correct?


thank you

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Roberto ACErob71

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Roberto ACErob71
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