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I've had my Code amp for a couple of weeks and managed to connect it to my iPhone which is running the latest ios 10.2.1.  I also got it to connect to a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 6.0.1.  The connection didn't always work and sometimes dropped out.  I've updated the Amp to the latest firmware to hopefully cure the connection issues and now my phone and tablet just can't detect the amp at all.  I've tried turning on and off, resetting everything, forgetting the device etc. etc. but it's like the amp just doesn't have Bluetooth.  As no device can see the amp then Gateway just isn't possible to use as it also can't detect a phone or tablet. My devices can see each other but it's like the Amp just doesn't have Bluetooth.  I've also tried searching for it with an Ipad but this also couldn't see the Amp ?  It looks like the Bluetooth has died on the Amp but thought I'd ask if anyone has any ideas of anything to try or otherwise I'll have to take it back to the dealer and either try another one or replace it with a Fender Mustang.  It's a good amp but seems to have to many glitches at the moment looking at the forums.  I'll give it one more go though if anyone has any suggestions to try.  Any ideas anyone ? Many thanks for reading.


Thanks for the responses.  I think it is a hardware issue though with the bluetooth just not working on the Amp.  It doesn't seem to matter what device I use the amplifier just isn't visible to anything ?

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David Keeley

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David Keeley
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