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Due to an older brother, I began really listening to The Marshall Sound as early as 1972. Then he gave me my first guitar in 1976. I wouldn't put it down and learned open chords, power chords, scales, etc.  Of course, seeing and hearing live from shows from KISS in 1977, and Ozzy with Randy Rhoades, through Def Leppard and many many others, but it was AC/DC's Back In Black, Hells Bells that did it for me. I found a full, used stack around 1984, and I was lucky the lady dealt with me, gave me a break and let me pay it out. Since I have owned different amps (Fender Vibroverb Custom with the Diaz mods, Peavey, etc), but I have also owned the 150W AVT, and even the cheaper, solid state MDFX 100W. These never came close to my first. 

I JUST purchased a DSL100HR, I guess the new, revamped model. I love all the features, however, the footswitch reminds me of the MDFX or HDFX that has two buttons only on it. When I went to Marshall's main site, I found that the MIDI port is for a fantastic footswitch, which would allow me to do many, many things, without having to stop and turn knobs in the middle of a song.  

Where can I purchase one of these and for how much?  I live in Texas, in the United States.  I had to sell the no longer in production Vibroverb Custom with the Cesar Diaz mods, which was my Pride and Joy (I met Stevie Ray Vaughan after a show on October 8, 1983, in South Dallas, and we began talking about Hendrix, he literally had to be pulled from me). 

Please let me know where, how much, and how I can get one of these, please.

A Loyal Marshall Amplification Fan & Player Since 1984

Thank you,

Mark a.ka.

asked 08 Aug 2018 at 09:20 AM

Mark Southerland
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